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Six Questions With Ron Berkowitz, President Of Berk Communications

The following “Six Questions” short interview with Ron Berkowitz, President & Founder of Berk Communications, was conducted by our Assistant Editor Cameron Chung. Connect with Ron on Twitter and check out the Berk Communications website. (1) How did you first get your start in the sports industry? As a follow up, can you describe your […]

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On To The Next One: Robinson Cano

What happens when you become the hottest player on a team with the highest payroll in baseball?  Perhaps you ask one of your teammates for Scott Boras’ telephone number.  Although, I doubt you really need to ask, as he is basically omnipresent.  Yes, he is in Anaheim and New York City at the same time. […]

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Cliff Lee Thinking About Texas Taxes

It would be silly for Cliff Lee and his team of advisors to not take into consider the tax consequences of signing a long-term contract.  Lee is looking to sign a 7-year contract, which will lock him up in a certain locale, where he will play all of his home games and likely be taxed […]

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Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up (7/16/2010)

I am smack in the middle of my last full-length Florida Bar Practice Exam.  Today, the focus is Day 2 of the exam – the Multistate Portion, which is a whopping 6 hours of 200 multiple choice questions.  Envy me yet?  I know I have been bitching a lot about this test; hopefully I haven’t […]

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My Aroldis Chapman Prediction

Former Athletes Premier International client and current Hendricks Sports Management client, Aroldis Chapman, threw a bullpen session last Wednesday in Houston. Fifteen teams attended. The teams in attendance were the Astros, Marlins, Angels, Nationals, Yankees, Red Sox, Orioles, Pirates, Reds, Royals, Phillies, Cubs, Mariners, Rangers, and Mets. Chapman threw two five minute sessions, throwing mainly […]