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From Draft Day to Pay Day

Productive NFL players and their agents beam at the thought of fresh contract negotiations. When players become free agents, they are faced with a unique opportunity to sign life-changing deals. Agents do their job in ensuring their clients get the best possible contracts. There are many provisions and clauses in an NFL contract that an […]

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For Agents, Business Isn’t The Same With Rookie Contracts

The 2011 Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) put into effect slotted rookie contracts, which means a set value for every pick in the draft. Therefore, there is not much room for negotiating more money for players. ESPN’s Andrew Brandt broke down the changing landscape surrounding the rookie deals. The effects of these changes are felt by […]

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NFL Week Six: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

The following Sports Agent Blog contribution is courtesy of Brandon Thorn. The Good: New England Patriots – The (5-1) Patriots went into this season with every reason in the world to not have a typical winning season that so many in Foxboro are accustomed to. From Aaron Hernandez’s murder charge, the perplexity of Rob Gronkowski’s health […]

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Is Matt Elam Going To Become A Trendsetter For Future NFL Rookies?

My FORBES article on Baltimore Ravens safety Matt Elam being the only top prospect to enter the 2013 NFL Draft without an agent seems to have been a hot read, with over 23,000 views.  Not only did it turn out that Elam was the only drafted player to not have an NFLPA certified Contract Advisor […]