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Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up (12/7/2012)

Last night’s loss to the New York Knicks hurt quite a bit, and I know I am going to be hearing about it all day from select clients.  Just remember – it’s only December.  What are your thoughts on the Israeli basketball team that suspended its captain for calling another player a Nazi?  I have […]

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The File-And-Trial Arbitration Teams Sign Their Players

119 MLB players filed for salary arbitration.  The deadline for players and teams to exchange salary figures leading up to a possible hearing has officially past.  The 3 teams known for implementing a file-and-trial strategy (exchange salary figures and we are going to a hearing, no matter what), have all avoided a potential arbitration hearing. […]


Best Contract Of 2010

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Matt Sosnick Has Been Busy Making Moves

Matt Sosnick is a good friend of this blog.  He was a subject of an Interview with the Agent in April of 2007, and in March 2009, he answered your questions regarding draft expectations, how to make contacts with people in the sports agent business, and recruiting tactics.  Wedged in between, in 2008, Sosnick spoke […]

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Josh Johnson Wants A 4-Year Deal

Last Friday, I had the pleasure of serving as a guest of Jared Schwartz on my hometown’s main sports radio channel, 560 WQAM.  It was a great conversation where we talked about the future of the Miami Heat (whether Wade, LeBron, and Bosh was a possibility), Josh Johnson’s future with the Florida Marlins, and the […]