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UNC Football Players Select Their Agents For The 2011 Draft

On September 16, 2010, I researched and provided some facts regarding Chris Hawkins’ background.  He was responsible for purchasing A.J. Green’s jersey for $1,000, which set the Georgia wide-receiver back four games at the beginning of the 2010 season.  But that’s not the end of his connections to student-athletes.  Hawkins played college ball at the […]

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Matt Sosnick Has Been Busy Making Moves

Matt Sosnick is a good friend of this blog.  He was a subject of an Interview with the Agent in April of 2007, and in March 2009, he answered your questions regarding draft expectations, how to make contacts with people in the sports agent business, and recruiting tactics.  Wedged in between, in 2008, Sosnick spoke […]

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Case Study: Karsten Whitson’s Decision Not To Sign With The Padres

The NCAA requires that a player selected in the Major League Baseball First-Year Player Draft pay his advisor at his or her normal rate for such services if the player hopes to maintain his eligibility at an NCAA school.  Thus, if Troy Caradonna of SFX was to follow that rule, which many people say goes ignored […]

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Will Advisor Communication Hurt Karsten Whitson?

I want to start this article by stressing that the point of this article has nothing to do with getting any player in trouble.  The reason that I wrote this post is to once again try to point out how ludicrous the NCAA’s no-agent rule continues to be.  It was struck down by a court […]

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An MLB Where Draft Picks Could Be Traded

It is usually not until later in the year that the discussion surrounding baseball’s inequity bubbles in the minds of writers.  We all know about the huge disparity between the payroll of the New York Yankees and the Florida Marlins, yet the Marlins were able to fight off Goliath in the 2003 World Series. That […]

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Andy Oliver Part II?

When I first reported on Andy Oliver back on June 2, 2008, no one had heard of him.  Since then, he has made national headlines in every major paper for his lawsuit against the NCAA, which eventually was settled for$750,000.  The antiquated NCAA Bylaw was voided, only to be re-established by the settlement.  It […]

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The Endless Debate: Major Juniors or NCAA?

Big decisions loom for 16 year old elite hockey players. I’m not talking about the typical issues for teenagers like “what should I wear to the homecoming dance,” “how am I going to pass my driving test,” or “what should I do this weekend?” Instead, many elite hockey players at that age have to decide […]

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Draft Pick Injury Compensation

A friend of mine recently told me to connect with another young man doing it big in this industry.  His name is J.I. Halsell, and has four years of experience working with NFL contracts.  Halsell spent 2 seasons as the Salary Cap Analyst for the Washington Redskins after working for 2 years with the NFL’s […]

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Andrew Johnson’s First Interview Since Running A 4.32

Two days ago, Andrew Johnson joined Bo Marchionte on All Access Football Radio’s Monday Night Lights NFL Draft Edition show.  The show runs an hour and a half long.  Andrew’s segment starts roughly 55 minutes into the clip.  You can’t hit what you can’t touch!

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Akron Pro Day Wrap-Up

Kevin Grant and Andrew Johnson entered Akron’s Pro Day with a chip on their shoulders. They went onto Akron’s field with something to prove. Both steller athletes were getting the cold shoulder from many draft analysts, and many believe it is because they played in the MAC Conference. Kevin showed power in his workout (bench, […]