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“This is the Business We Chose”

If you’re not a Godfather fan like myself, you may not have caught the Hyman Roth quote, but these words are easily applicable to the sports industry.  Whether you like it or not – and if you’re an avid reader of this site I’m guessing you like it – the business of sports is almost […]

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StubHub’s FanProtect Guarantee

This Sunday my beloved Yankees play their final game at the old Yankee Stadium.  I have been a diehard Yankee fan my whole life and have been to the stadium countless times.  Yet never was I more excited to attend a game then this Sunday’s home finale against the Orioles.  I knew it was going […]

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The House That Ruth Built

Yankee Stadium or “the house that Ruth built” is a baseball and sports icon.  Many great games and events have been played on that hallowed ground.  I recently had the opportunity to watch the Yankees play the Twins at the fabled Yankee Stadium before it reaches its demise and gets torn down after this season. […]