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Dan Lozano’s Empire Expands With Addition Of Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez has been around the block when it comes to representation.  In 2007, he dropped Scott Boras (only concerning marketing) in favor of Madonna’s agent, Guy Oseary.  Then, in 2008, Rodriguez hired William Morris Agency (WMA) for marketing purposes.  In 2010, Rodriguez dropped all ties to Boras, terminating his relationship with Boras Corp. with […]

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Alex Rodriguez Goes With Gaylord For Marketing

In 2010, Alex Rodriguez fired Scott Boras.  Boras had been Rodriguez’s MLBPA certified agent; his responsibility was to help Rodriguez choose the teams he would play for and negotiate the terms of his contracts with MLB teams.  However, Rodriguez has always had many other “agents” helping him out off of the field. In 2007, Rodriguez […]

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Q&A With Sports Attorney Jay Reisinger

A couple of weeks ago, everyone was wondering the following: 1) Did Alex Rodriguez really fire Scott Boras as his agent, and 2) Did A-Rod then hire Jay Reisinger to take over as his new agent of record? Papers reported that A-Rod has in fact left Boras, but he has not hired Reisinger to take […]

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Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up (9/3/2010)

Between signing new clients, continuing to get settled in my new apartment in Ft. Lauderdale, providing new (hopefully quality) posts to this website, promoting the hell out of my guys (Clint Robinson up for Triple Crown winner in the Texas League!), doing some Trademark & Family Law work, and much more – this has been […]

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Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up (7/2/2010)

Friday really crept up on me!  I had no idea it was Friday until a couple of hours ago and then realized that I needed to churn out the weekly Friday Wrap-Up.  With so much going on in my personal, professional, and scholastic lives, I guess my forgetfulness is somewhat justified.  Anyway, big time congratulations […]

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Those Who Are Fortunate

Since 2004, Jonah Freedman of Sports Illustrated, has been compiling The Fortunate 50: The 50 highest-earning American athletes.  It is a respected compilation of the highest grossing athletes (sport earnings + outside-the-game activities) that is quoted in books, law review articles, etc. As noted in the piece, this is the first year since Jonah started […]

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The House That Ruth Built

Yankee Stadium or “the house that Ruth built” is a baseball and sports icon.  Many great games and events have been played on that hallowed ground.  I recently had the opportunity to watch the Yankees play the Twins at the fabled Yankee Stadium before it reaches its demise and gets torn down after this season. […]

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Protect Your Rep: The A-Rod Lesson

A-Rod was discussed earlier today, so let’s keep the trend going.  Luckily, or unluckily, most agents will never deal with an issue like that which Alex Rodriguez is currently wrapped in. Lies, deceit, and public infidelity. It is not something that the average man doesn’t deal with on a daily basis, but fans do not […]

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A-Rod Adds Another Agent

I really did not want to get involved in the whole nasty A-Rod divorce.  It is not our business to dip into such topics around here; I was going to leave it to sites like Deadspin to make sure that the public knew every place that Rodriguez took Madonna.  But then came word that A-Rod’s […]

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Book Review: Change Up

When it comes down to it, there is no sport that I enjoy or know more about than baseball. A large reason for that is that I grew up with a father who was and continues to be a passionate New York Yankees fan (you have to remember that the Florida Marlins were not around […]