The Wash Up

The Wash Up: 24

Teaching Aid

As I have previously reported, Sports Agent Ricky Nixon at Flying Start has developed a Sports Agent Course that can be completed online. It’s a 12 week course, with weekly lectures that are run by Ricky Nixon, and include special guests.

Ricky’s course has been so popular that it has now been integrated into a university subject at Victoria University. [Show me the money, Ricky Nixon]

Not only that, Ricky is pushing for the course to be mandatory to be completed for all agents who represent players in the AFL. He believes that through proper education, smarter, ethical agents will be running the lives of our professional athletes.

What has been surprising is the amount of current footballers who are completing the course. Western Bulldogs player Brad Johnson has undertaken the study, and is considering being an agent after his career. With current players completing the course, this will allow them to improve how they are being represented.

Cricket Riches

So now the IPL auction is over and players are at their teams. As we saw Indian cricket captain MS Dhoni will be paid the richly sum of $1.5 million for competing for about a month and a half. To put this on a comparative scale, Dhoni would earn US$12 million for a year, putting him in the same league as top earners in basketball and soccer.

But could this figure have been more? The IPL was set with a salary cap of $5 million, thus the bids for players had to be chosen wisely by teams. The question that is asked is that if there was no salary cap in place, would the figures of the circketers have been more or less? Competitive forces would have kicked into place and I think the figure could have been much higher.

If the IPL turns out to a success, will the salary cap increase, and more importantly, will cricketers become the highest paid athletes in the world? [Will cricket outpay soccer?]

Mayweather ready to rumble

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has accomplished a lot in boxing, he’s even been on Dancing with the Stars, and now he’s adding another accomplishment to his resume. On March 30, in Florida, Floyd will be competing in Wrestlemania XXIV. And Mayweather will get $20 million for one match: against the Big Show. [Mayweather to get $20 million to wrestle]

Mayweather will receive the same amount he normally gets for boxing fights, and I think I can see why WWE chose the move.

Wrestling’s big events are a staple on pay-per-view, as are boxing. What the WWE are trying to do is bring fans of boxing over to WWE.

The WWE don’t only see Mayweather as a fighter, but will realize the potential of him as a ‘brand’. It will be no surprise to see shirts, posters and other merchandise being available of the fighter.

Show me the…friendship?

As reported earlier Randy Moss re-signed with the New England Patriots for a further 3 years. Randy’s agent, Tim DiPiero believes he could have got more money. But Randy wasn’t all about the money. It was the relationships he created with the people at the team. [Patriots ‘intangibles’ helped Moss make his decision to stay]

As Randy’s agent explains, sometimes people lose sight of the value of non-monetary factors.

“Oftentimes, when people judge whether a contract is a success, they look at how much it’s worth. But there is more to life than just pure money,” DiPiero said, according to The Globe. “In this case, Randy experienced some intangibles during the year, from his friendships, to his relationship with the coaching staff and others in the organization. Those intangibles had some value here.”

As ESPN further explains, Randy and coach Bill Belicheck had developed a mutual respect who are both heading towards a mutual goal.

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I thought so too, but after researching it a bit, it seems Cook is no longer his primary agent. He does handle some minor things still for Moss, however, and thus keeps Moss listed as a ‘client’ on his website.

A couple things —

— DiPiero’s been affiliated with Dante DiTrapano in the past, but DiTrapano, last I checked, was doing time in a prison in Florida after a coke party landed him and his wife in hot water. At that point, Moss figured he had enough problems of his own doing and didn’t need his attorneys making their own headlines and dumped him.

However, DiPiero has always kind of been Moss’s guy with DiTrapano (they only have like 1-2 clients), so my guess is that DiPiero ‘took’ Moss to Bus, who of course was only too happy to have him, for maybe a point on future deals or whatever. So DiPiero maintains the relationship but gets to wash his hands of DiTrapano.

— I don’t know DiPiero, but let’s be honest here — all this ‘friendship’ hogwash was just gamesmanship. He’s still a young enough guy that he’s trying to build a client base, and when you take less than market value for a guy (esp. post-Javon Walker), you better have a story ready if you want to stay in the business. That’s all this is.

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