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Will Erin Andrews stay with ESPN?

If Dancing with the Stars, a crazy guy with a peephole, and ESPN share something in common – it’s Erin Andrews (EA). The longstanding relationship between her and the leader in sports, ESPN, may be coming to a close – this July, according to multiple sources. Currently, her camp, agent Babette Perry of IMG, is in negotiations […]

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2009 World Baseball Classic = Success

Dynasty had one of its clients, Paul Rutgers, perform in the World Baseball Classic.  While his team of South Africa did not last long in the tournament, Rutgers at least showed off his dancing skills (I hope the producers of Dancing with the Stars were watching!).  Beyond Rutgers and his dancing, the World Baseball Classic […]

The Wash Up

The Wash Up: 24

Teaching Aid As I have previously reported, Sports Agent Ricky Nixon at Flying Start has developed a Sports Agent Course that can be completed online. It’s a 12 week course, with weekly lectures that are run by Ricky Nixon, and include special guests. Ricky’s course has been so popular that it has now been integrated […]