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Let the Boys be Boys

As the Adam Pacman Jones saga continues and teams are weighing whether to acquire him or not, it is time to breakdown and analyze this move. The rumors are the Tennessee Titans are looking for a 4th or 5th round pick in return for Jones.

Americas team, the Dallas Cowboys, are considered the front runners for Jones’ services. It was reported that the main issue holding this trade up is the PR hit Jerry Jones and the Cowboys will take. Jerry Jones has been known for acquiring troubled and controversial players in the past, most notably Terrell Owens and Tank Johnson. While Pacman Jones is in a league of his own in regards to legal trouble, this is a move the Cowboys must make.

Pacman JonesPacman has had his fair share of trouble in the past, but he is still a dynamic playmaker on the field. Troubled players have a long history of getting second chances: Lawrence Phillips, Tank Johnson, Ray Lewis, and Chris Henry just to name a few.

I believe now is the right time to make a trade for Jones while the competition for him is minimal. Jerry Jones knows that once Pacman is reinstated, the demand for Pacman Jones will be much greater.

The risk-reward for Adam Jones is far too great to pass up, especially for Jerry and the Boys. The Boys will give up a late round pick, sign Pac Jones to a very, very team friendly contract and will have one of the top off-season moves for the 2008 season. In the few interviews I have seen, Adam Jones really seems passionate about playing for the Cowboys and I think a change of scenery could benefit Pacman tremendously. It is rare that we see players get into trouble during the season, so even if Pac is his same old troublesome self, worse case scenario is the Cowboys give up a 4th or 5th round choice for one full season of Pacman. Still, I believe the reward for Jones’ services far out-weigh the risks.

The reward is that it will shore up a shaky secondary and it will allow the Cowboys to use their two first round choices on a wide receiver and a running back. Whether you like the guy or not, he is a Pro Bowl caliber player. All in all the acquisition of Adam Pacman Jones will make the Cowboys defense better, the special teams stronger, and dramatically affect how the Cowboys can work the draft.

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A team on the rise should not look for high risk/medium reward situation. Pacman cannot get out of his own way. Romo knows first hand what team implosion looks like. The leadership of this team, on the field, is also tenous. Add all that up, draft a character guy at corner and get yourself a pass rusher with a mean streak in the first round as there are plenty.

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