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Paying The Price: The NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement

In March 2006, NFL Owners voted almost unanimously, 30-2, to accept the NFLPA’s final proposal to extend its collective bargaining agreement (CBA). On May 20, 2008, NFL Owners unanimously voted to opt of that same agreement, meaning the current collective bargaining agreement will expire in 2011 instead of 2013. Now, many questions linger about the […]

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Simpson Guilty: Attempted Murder Of Romo’s Relationship With Jessica

When we are in need of some news, the first place we go? Obviously, Actually, I had never heard of the site until I received an interesting tip involving what has to be your favorite athlete and favorite entertainer: Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson. Seems like the two lovebirds took a break back in […]

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Let the Boys be Boys

As the Adam Pacman Jones saga continues and teams are weighing whether to acquire him or not, it is time to breakdown and analyze this move. The rumors are the Tennessee Titans are looking for a 4th or 5th round pick in return for Jones. Americas team, the Dallas Cowboys, are considered the front runners […]