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Interview With The Agent: Nate Haber

I take a lot of pleasure in seeing young professionals have success in their respective trades.  As a young sports agent, myself, I especially admire others who have made it their goal to represent professional athletes, and have actually acted on their dreams.  Nate Haber fits into that category.  He is a part of a […]

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Prediction: Chris Henry Will Never Find NFL Work Again

Arrested for the 5th time since December 2005. This time it was for beating up an 18-year-old. Cut by the Bengals. Sad.

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Let the Boys be Boys

As the Adam Pacman Jones saga continues and teams are weighing whether to acquire him or not, it is time to breakdown and analyze this move. The rumors are the Tennessee Titans are looking for a 4th or 5th round pick in return for Jones. Americas team, the Dallas Cowboys, are considered the front runners […]