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First To Sign, Is The Winner

For the last couple days the Miami Dolphins and Michigan offensive tackle Jake Long have been working on the parameters of a contract that will make him the number 1 pick in the 2008 NFL draft. The latest news on this front is that the Miami Dolphins has supposedly set a deadline on this contract talk.

This is where things get interesting, if Jake Long and the Dolphins can not agree on a deal, it can send a ripple throughout the top 10. This is where Mr. Tom Condon will really work for his money, literally. If the two sides can not reach an agreement it will almost eliminate the chances of his client, Jake Long, going number 1, and the Dolphins will then turn their attention to Chris Long and Vernon Gholston.

If Jake Long does not sign this deal, he is making a huge mistake. Let’s assume he doesn’t sign. I believe the number 1 pick will then be Vernon Gholston. In most mock drafts people believe Gholston is going anywhere between 4-7. The money at number 1 will be far greater than that of picks 4-7. I do believe the Dolphins will contact Chris Long before Gholston, but he won’t jump on the opportunity as fast as Gholston. Chris Long knows if he doesn’t go 1, he’ll go 2. Gholston just has a lot more to gain by taking the Dolphins offer than Chris Long.

Back to big Jake. If he doesn’t take the Dolphins deal there is a realistic chance he drops to number 5, which will cost him millions. In the end I believe Condon and Long get the deal done, making Jake Long the number 1 pick.

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