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This NFL CBA Talk Could Take A While

We would all be acting ignorant if we were to take at face value what the higher-ups in the NFLPA are spitting at us: that increasing rookie salaries is not one of the main issues of pending talks between the players and owners and instead one relevant issue among many. Yes, there are many issues […]

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Agent Talk Leading Up To The NFL Draft

We are just an hour away from the beginning of the 2008 NFL Draft. Here are some good reads to check out before the show kicks off. Choosing an agent, players say, can be difficult because, as former CU guard Brian Daniels of the Minnesota Vikings warned, “They’re all going to tell you what you […]

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First To Sign, Is The Winner

For the last couple days the Miami Dolphins and Michigan offensive tackle Jake Long have been working on the parameters of a contract that will make him the number 1 pick in the 2008 NFL draft. The latest news on this front is that the Miami Dolphins has supposedly set a deadline on this contract […]