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Short and Sweet 2: The OJ Edition


“He (OJ Mayo) played within the rules of the game; and this is the game, runners, agents, shoe companies, other elements, this is the game. He had no other choice but to play it.”

Louis Johnson, ex-O.J. Mayo (athletes) confidant in regards to the situation involving Rodney Guillory (runners) and BDA Sports Management (representation).

In my last edition of “Short and Sweet” I dropped a post featuring athlete representation legend David Falk. Peep the post HERE If you want a more in depth post on the Mayo saga, Jason Wulterkens has it covered HERE This time I borrow a quote from Louis Johnson’s recent ESPN interview from Outside the Lines. Now first, read the above quote from Mr. Johnson, I mean really look at each word. This is a description of a systemic cancer that has gone on for quite some time in the sports industry.

Critics of the sport business may call the agent/runner/athlete situation a game of pimps and hoes. But what makes this system different than what goes on in other sports? Or even in entertainment? Child actors, singers, and rappers become professional, hire agents/managers, and leave school early without any real punishments or even criticism from most of society. Should the alleged gifts that O.J. received should play a role in his draft stock? Don’t most talented youth recieve benefits and gifts for being special regardless of their area of talent? I really hope the public can put this situation in perspective and keep up those good feelings for Mr. Mayo, because with a name like O.J. he will need all the help he can get…

Free Throw: Which shoe company do you predict O.J. Mayo will sign with?

By Kenji Summers

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One reply on “Short and Sweet 2: The OJ Edition”

I still like OJ and I think he is a great basketball player. I hope he has a great career in the NBA. I don’t fault OJ for any of this because I have plenty of friends in college athletics that came up the same way OJ did and when presented with gifts from damn near anybody they would take it. I would too. Especially if I was under 20 years old like OJ is. And you made a valid point about Louis Johnson being convicted of selling coke, but he does have reciepts and he was in the inner circle. He wanted a piece of the pie like everyone else and then he got cut out, so now he is snitching. That’s what happens. So I’m sure he holds some knowledge and truth. However, the problem isn’t OJ accepting gifts, its the people that are offering it to him. People in his inner circle should have his best interest at heart, not be doing things that they know could negatively affect OJ. They shouldn’t have had any part of it. Let the money come from a booster, but instead they were in it to get paid off of OJ too just like everyone else. That’s the problem.

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