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USC Would Take The Floyd If It Came With No Mayo

O.J. Mayo has affected a lot of peoples lives.  He has given the town of Memphis hope that one day the Grizzlies will be a contender.  He gave BDA Sports Management a scare when there were allegations of a connection between BDA employee, Calvin Andrews, leading to Calvin’s one-year suspension by the NBPA.  Bill Duffy […]

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Short and Sweet 2: The OJ Edition

“He (OJ Mayo) played within the rules of the game; and this is the game, runners, agents, shoe companies, other elements, this is the game. He had no other choice but to play it.” –Louis Johnson, ex-O.J. Mayo (athletes) confidant in regards to the situation involving Rodney Guillory (runners) and BDA Sports Management (representation). In […]

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Running a Relationship

“The key to this business,” Dicky Fox told Jerry Maguire, “is personal relationships.” But when do said relationships start? And what do they entail? For Louis Johnson and Rodney Guillory, “runners” for Bill Duffy Associates Sports Management (BDA), a “relationship” with then USC-freshman O.J. Mayo meant a regularly BDA-subsidized Citibank account and over $200,000 total […]