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FC Barcelona Makes Offer to 7-year old Prospect

Barcelona youth by Darryl_SE7.If someone asked me what I aspire to do at the age of 7 years old it would have been something along the lines of work at Chuck E. Cheese Pizza or drive Go Karts. I can assure you that I would not have said play soccer for FC Barcelona. According to some sources, Barcelona has raided Olympique Lyon for a kid named Kais. Supposedly, Lyon signed the 7-year old youngster after viewing a match he played for FC Gerland and most recently Barcelona has taken the boy into their youth academy by offering him a spot in May. Whether it is total BS or not is difficult to find out, but it certainly is not the first time inquires like this have been made. La Tribune de Lyon stated insiders claim that in 30 years they have seen only one other youngster with the ability of Kais – Karim Benzema, now one of Real Madrid’s superstars.  Of course, media has taken off with this story, especially in Europe because of the heavy criticisms on UEFA for banning under 18 transfers for clubs.

To make the situation a bit more clear, the boy has not been offered any sort of money or contract, rather a simple opportunity to play with Barcelona’s academy.  Oh, and by academy, I mean soccer school. This offer to Kais is very similar to a scholarship that someone may receive for any college athletics.

soAt 7 years old, if you can get lift under the ball more than likely you will stand out from your peers.  This story is remarkable and unfortunate as this boy will be under serious pressure for the rest of his life if he continues to play. It also reminds me of some extravagant rumors that Chelsea FC asked their long time defender John Terry and his wife to bear a child in hopes living up to his father’s potential. Sickening—what’s next? At this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Cristiano Ronaldo and his future spouse get offers for their fetus!

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i think that this kind of acquiring of youth soccer talent is normal for the european and south american soccer market. My little brother who is now 12 is playing now for 4 years in the youth soccer academy from Borussia Moenchengladbach a german Bundesliga Team. It is nice for the kids to be picked up by school than being tutored at the academy and then they get to play the sport they love so much (I can only speak on behalf of my brother…and he is obsessed). Anyways if anyone wants they are more than welcome to ask any questions regarding soccer in europe I am more than happy to answer.

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