An Intern(al) Look At Becoming A Sports Agent

This upcoming week will mark three months that I have been an Intern with Dynasty. The amount of knowledge I have gained here is unprecedented. However, I still have one month left and so much more to learn.

One quick note – my bracket is busted. I was fairly confident that I could win Dynasty’s company pool since I was the only one who had Syracuse winning it all. But after last night, I am officially out of every bracket I produced. This has been one of the wildest tournaments in recent memory. Hopefully next year North Carolina will return to prominence and make everything right again in College Basketball.

I spent this past week working with Darren and two equipment companies finalizing deals for some of our clients. This involved emailing back and forth several times to get everything straight. The contracts needed to be signed and returned, the players needed to give information to get their equipment personalized, and we needed to ensure the products were sent to the right place so that the players receive their equipment to start the season. In regards to one company, we are getting some equipment sent to a client to try out. We didn’t want him to sign any sort of deal before we knew he was comfortable with the product. A player’s productivity could be severely impacted if they are not comfortable with what they are using.

I was extremely proud that the work I did led to some of our clients getting equipment deals. It also gave me great confidence that Darren allowed me to contact these companies and get a deal for our clients. While I had no final say on anything, it was still good to be relaying information to Darren and providing whatever input I could. This will help tremendously in any future sports related employment I might obtain.

In addition, Darren has started a new website and our job was to promote the site as much as possible.

I also spent some time contacting sports companies, and in some cases, recontacting sports companies. I was impressed by how quickly some companies responded. The companies that I contacted a second time were apologetic for not getting back to me quicker. While some of these companies couldn’t offer us a deal at the present time, most companies (including some major companies) knew of Dynasty and were following our clients. They seemed to indicate that in the near future they would be interested. This was good news. As Dynasty continues to grow and our clients progress, I am confident that major sports companies will want to sign with Dynasty clients.

I also conducted some research on an individual that was interested in having us as representation. From the information I compiled, I gave Darren an assessment of whether I thought it was a good idea to represent the individual. Finally I did my usual tasks. I worked on both college and high school player updates for Dynasty. Many of the players we’re watching had great weeks again.

That’s about it for this week. Until next week, I hope everyone has a great weekend.

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