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Excel Sports Management Launches their New Media Arm Called “Excel Media”

In a world that is becoming more and more reliant on electronics and online and virtual communication, Excel Sports Management has decided to branch out and expand on its already enormous company. On May 19th, Excel Sports Management launched their new media division called “Excel Media.” This division will focus on original programming, media talent representation, and branded content development.

With two initial projects already planned, Excel Sports Management has a clear vision for their new department: adding an even greater focus on athletes and talent by making them the stars of the show. “Athletes and talent are not just the story anymore, they are also the storytellers, and the demand for athlete-driven content is at an all-time high,” said Jeff Schwartz, President and Founder of Excel Sports Management.

The two projects highlight two of the top Excel Sports Management clients of All-time: Joe Montana and Derek Jeter. These docuseries will involve topics such as their playing career, their journey to the professional level, important cultural issues, and their Hall of Fame journey.

The extensive growth in influencer popularity over the past decade has opened the door for athletes and talent to become an even larger factor in the marketing world. Excel Sports Management’s new department will create this added exposure for their clients through exciting, inventive television to further expand each client’s impact.