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Has The NCAA Lost Its Focus?

In Pat Forde’s column from last Friday titled, Cooperation key to solving agent issue, he wrote the following: At the very least, the NCAA’s raid of sorts on North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama — those are just the schools we know about — has sent a panic through both college football and the […]

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Dez Bryant Speaks About Deion Sanders And Eugene Parker

Dez Bryant played in a whopping three games this season, and his on-field performance was not limited by any injury.  Instead, the former Oklahoma State wide receiver was sidelined based on an edict handed down by the NCAA.  He will still be a first round pick and he will make himself and his agent a […]

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The Chilling Effect Of The James Paxton Case

It took a while before mainstream media picked up on the Andy Oliver affair.  Eventually, Andy’s case against the NCAA made national headlines, but before any true damage was done to the NCAA’s practice of restricting the rights of its student-athletes, Oliver settled with the association for $750,000.  Now, there is a new athlete who […]

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NCAA Dez It Again

On display this past weekend were some fantastic World Series baseball games, intense NFL matchups, and it was topped off on Saturday by college football games like UF vs. UGA and USC vs. Oregon.  And then there was #3 Texas blowing out #14 Oklahoma State in Stillwater, Oklahoma.  All the usuals played…Colt McCoy, Jordan Shipley, […]

Friday Wrap-Up

Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up (7/10/09)

Who needs World Swimming Championships when you have the Maccabiah Games to look forward to?  On another note, it is unfortunate, but Oranim has canceled its Winter program this year.  I went to Israel for my first time with Oranim and then went back a year later as a staff member.  I hope that whatever […]

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NCAA Bylaw Is Void

The most important part of the Opinion and Judgment Entry released by Judge Tygh M. Tone in the Common Pleas Court of Erie County, Ohio for the case of Andrew A. Oliver vs. National Collegiate Athletic Association, et al, dealt with the voiding of NCAA Bylaw Presence of a Lawyer at Negotiations. A […]

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They Still Won’t Let Andy Play

It all started with a simple post with the title, Let Andy Play.  I was lucky enough to be privy to some inside information before many large publications heard any word concerning the indefinite suspension of Oklahoma State pitcher, Andy Oliver, in this year’s baseball NCAA Tournament.  In the beginning, it was a battle of […]

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The Oklahomian Wants My Words

I have not posted on the Andy Oliver topic in a while, but that does not mean that all parties in the lawsuit are now enjoying barbecues at the pool on Sundays.  The lawsuit remains in place and Andy has still not re-gained the right to pitch for Oklahoma State.  There are still six months […]

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Oliver Adds OSU As A Defendant

Just when you thought that Andy Oliver was suing the world, he adds his future Alma Mater to the fold.  As a site that has been dedicated to the coverage of the ongoing Andy Oliver affair, had received first word that Oklahoma State University is now one of the Defendants on the second amended […]


Let Andy Play

To think that the actions of a few attorney agents could be behind the indefinite suspension of Oklahoma State pitcher, Andy Oliver, makes me sick to my stomach. After speaking with various sources on the matter and receiving some interesting documents, I now provide you with a clear picture of the entire situation. Andrew Oliver […]