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NCAA Considering Rule That Will Allow Some Prospective Student-Athletes To Sign With Agents

Last week, John Infante, a former compliance officer at NCAA Division I schools, wrote an article titled, Allowing Prospects in Some Sports To Have Agents Gaining Steam.  In the article, Infante says that a proposal to allow prospective student-athletes in a limited number of sports the opportunity to have sports agents prior to said athletes entering college is gaining […]

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On To The Next One: Cameron Maybin

Way back when, before Cameron Maybin was drafted by the Detroit Tigers in the 1st round of the 2005 MLB Amateur Draft, Maybin played Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) baseball in Cincinnati, Ohio.  One of his teammates back then was  Andy Oliver – yes, the Andy Oliver who was suspended by the NCAA because his advisor, Robert […]

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Q&A With Sports Attorney Jay Reisinger

A couple of weeks ago, everyone was wondering the following: 1) Did Alex Rodriguez really fire Scott Boras as his agent, and 2) Did A-Rod then hire Jay Reisinger to take over as his new agent of record? Papers reported that A-Rod has in fact left Boras, but he has not hired Reisinger to take […]

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Has The NCAA Lost Its Focus?

In Pat Forde’s column from last Friday titled, Cooperation key to solving agent issue, he wrote the following: At the very least, the NCAA’s raid of sorts on North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama — those are just the schools we know about — has sent a panic through both college football and the […]

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Andy Oliver Part II?

When I first reported on Andy Oliver back on June 2, 2008, no one had heard of him.  Since then, he has made national headlines in every major paper for his lawsuit against the NCAA, which eventually was settled for$750,000.  The antiquated NCAA Bylaw was voided, only to be re-established by the settlement.  It […]

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NCAA Dez It Again

On display this past weekend were some fantastic World Series baseball games, intense NFL matchups, and it was topped off on Saturday by college football games like UF vs. UGA and USC vs. Oregon.  And then there was #3 Texas blowing out #14 Oklahoma State in Stillwater, Oklahoma.  All the usuals played…Colt McCoy, Jordan Shipley, […]

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The End Of The Andy Oliver Affair

On June 4, 2008, I wrote a piece titled, Let Andy Play.  That article and its 51 comments changed this site forever.  Andy Oliver, an outstanding pitcher at Oklahoma State University had been suspended by the NCAA because the association found out that at the time Oliver was deciding whether to go to OSU or […]

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NCAA Bylaw Is Void

The most important part of the Opinion and Judgment Entry released by Judge Tygh M. Tone in the Common Pleas Court of Erie County, Ohio for the case of Andrew A. Oliver vs. National Collegiate Athletic Association, et al, dealt with the voiding of NCAA Bylaw Presence of a Lawyer at Negotiations. A […]

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A Provocative Response To The Andy Oliver Ruling

Go check out the National Sports and Entertainment Law Society’s blog for a post by Tassos Kaburakis, Ph. D., an Assistant Professor of Sport Law and Sport Management and Director of the Sport Management Graduate Program at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.  He has a very in-depth response to the recent Opinion and Judgment Entry released […]

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Round 1 Goes To Andy Oliver

An Opinion and Judgment Entry has been released by Judge Tygh M. Tone in the Common Pleas Court of Erie County, Ohio.  The case: Andrew A. Oliver vs. National Collegiate Athletic Association, et al.  If the name Andy Oliver does not mean anything to you, take a quick walk through the posts that have been […]