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On To The Next One: Dez Bryant

Remember when Dez Bryant was ruled ineligible to play football for Oklahoma State University after lying to the NCAA about going to Deion Sanders’ house and training at his facility?  Back then, in 2009, Bryant had a strong relationship with Sanders.  It was also a well known fact that Sanders had a very close relationship with sports agent […]

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NFL Lockout Fallout: Players Taking High-Risk Loans

The biggest fallout from the NFL Lockout thus far is not the opening of some sports agent Wild Wild West, where agents are prying clients from one another’s grasp at any chance they get.  If anything, that sort of atmosphere already existed and did not change much with the decertification of the NFL Players Association […]


2011 Super Bowl Party/Event Primer

The Super Bowl is not all about the game itself.  Every year, brands spend a great amount of money on the parties and events leading up to the game.  I have had the opportunity to attend many of the events surrounding last year’s Super Bowl and Super Bowl XLIII, which was held in Tampa Bay […]

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Unemployment Isn’t For Me

There hasn’t been a better than average two-sport athlete since the likes of Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson, but Brandon Marshall may be the next one to join this elite list.  The Miami Dolphins’ Wide Receiver said that if the NFL teams lock out the players for next year’s season, he will try to play […]

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The Curious Sanders, Bryant, Parker Connection

Last week, I read one of the best pieces of journalism that I have been able to find on in quite some time.  The title of the piece is, The curious case of Deion Sanders.  Be warned, it is not one of the short fact-based pieces you are accustomed to finding on ESPN.  I […]

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Men Lie. Women Lie. Numbers Don’t.

This is the first post by Rand J. Getlin – President & Founder of Synrgy Sports Consulting. What do Deion Sanders, Michael Crabtree and Dez Bryant all have in common? Aside from the fact that they’ve all eaten dinner at chateau de Primetime, they’re all clients of super agent Eugene Parker. What do Mike Jenkins, […]

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Dez Bryant Speaks About Deion Sanders And Eugene Parker

Dez Bryant played in a whopping three games this season, and his on-field performance was not limited by any injury.  Instead, the former Oklahoma State wide receiver was sidelined based on an edict handed down by the NCAA.  He will still be a first round pick and he will make himself and his agent a […]