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The UFC Boasts Big Earnings

In 2008, Forbes magazine valued the UFC/Zuffa LLC at 1 billion dollars. Since then, according to an interview UFC President Dana White did with the Indianapolis Star, that figure has nearly tripled with White estimating that the company is now worth around the 2.5 billion dollar range. This is an impressive growth margin for a […]

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UFC 112: The Aftermath from Abu Dhabi

The first MMA blog I did for Sports Agent Blog dealt with the fallout from a disappointing main event and how it affects the sports as a whole. The UFC is the 800 pound gorilla of MMA and when something happens on the biggest stage in the sport, people react. Imagine a Superbowl where one […]

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The UFC Sells a 10% Share.

Yesterday, details were announced in the deal that gives United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) company, Flash Entertainment, a 10% share in the UFC. The UFC has been searching for a strategical partner to expand their brand while not telling them how to run their business, and have seemed to find their perfect match in Flash Entertainment. […]