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It’s Good For The Game!

This is a guest contribution from Matt Cohen, who recently completed an internship with Max Eppel Soccer Agency LLC and is currently engaged by Cassius Management’s Sports Division ( as a US intern.  He lives in Southern California and has experience in the soccer market securing playing contracts and endorsement deals for players. As I’m […]

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UFC 112: The Aftermath from Abu Dhabi

The first MMA blog I did for Sports Agent Blog dealt with the fallout from a disappointing main event and how it affects the sports as a whole. The UFC is the 800 pound gorilla of MMA and when something happens on the biggest stage in the sport, people react. Imagine a Superbowl where one […]

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The UFC Sells a 10% Share.

Yesterday, details were announced in the deal that gives United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) company, Flash Entertainment, a 10% share in the UFC. The UFC has been searching for a strategical partner to expand their brand while not telling them how to run their business, and have seemed to find their perfect match in Flash Entertainment. […]