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Jonesin’ for some A-Rod

I am going to go ahead and throw something out there that I doubt will be viewed favorably by most of the Sports Agent Blog’s readers. America’s fascination with sports is severely sick and twisted. Set fire to the stake, assemble the tar and feathers and send me straight to the guillotine, for I have […]

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Boras, A Good Guy???

Last October, agent Scott Boras and slugger Alex Rodriguez made news when Boras announced that Rodriguez would be opting out of his contract.  Boras was ridiculed for the timing of the announcement and Rodriguez was portrayed as just another greedy player wanting more money.  The majority of Yankee fans could care less if Rodriguez returned […]

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Protect Your Rep: The A-Rod Lesson

A-Rod was discussed earlier today, so let’s keep the trend going.  Luckily, or unluckily, most agents will never deal with an issue like that which Alex Rodriguez is currently wrapped in. Lies, deceit, and public infidelity. It is not something that the average man doesn’t deal with on a daily basis, but fans do not […]

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It’s NOT All About the Money

With the All-Star game approaching and the end of the first half of baseball nearing, the hype between the Yanks, Sox and now the Rays, is just starting.  The Yankees have consistently made the playoff for 13 seasons…will this be the year they do not?  The Yanks are also the highest paid MLB team for […]

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Overrated Or Over Hated?

In a June issue of Sports Illustrated, MLB athletes were asked, “Whom would you pick to build a team around?”  The results showed Alex Rodriguez ranked first and Derek Jeter second.  In another issue printed a week later, SI surveyed 495 Major League Baseball players asking them, “Who was the most overrated baseball player?  Surprisingly, Derek Jeter was on […]

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On Average, Baseball Players Are Banking

The Florida Marlins and the New York Yankees won last night. Both teams got a tally in the win column, but the Marlins’ win cost a lot less than the Yankees’ win. In fact, the entire payroll of this year’s Marlins teams comes out to less than what A-Rod will make for playing third base. […]