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Discussion Of 2011 Major League And Minor League Minimum Salaries

Yesterday, it was announced that the Major League Baseball minimum salary in the 2011 Championship Season will be $414,000. It is a $14,000 raise over the 2010 minimum. Article VI of the 2007-2011 MLB Collective Bargaining Agreement (referred to as the “Basic Agreement”) deals with player salaries.  Specifically, Section B of the Article contemplates Minimum […]

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MMA Athletes: Fighting For Every Dollar

It is easy to make the argument that the UFC is the fastest rising sport in the country and possibly in the world. For someone who is looking to get into the sports industry, it could seem like a potential “gravy train” to financial success. With the landscape of potential major league clients diluted due […]

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AFL Rich List

Unlike most of the Big 4 leagues in the USA, AFL (Australian Football League) contracts aren’t released to the public. Therefore a lot of speculation is created as to who is making the big bucks. Fox Sports has compiled a rough guide through research in the industry as to who are the highest paid athletes […]

Friday Wrap-Up

Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up

My first official week as a 2L is over.  Besides running around Wednesday night like a chicken with its head cut off, the week was a success.  I was going crazy Wed. night due to the fact that I hated my Child Support Enforcement Law class, dropped it, and needed to pick up something in […]

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It’s NOT All About the Money

With the All-Star game approaching and the end of the first half of baseball nearing, the hype between the Yanks, Sox and now the Rays, is just starting.  The Yankees have consistently made the playoff for 13 seasons…will this be the year they do not?  The Yanks are also the highest paid MLB team for […]

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Take Your Pick: HoopsHype Or DraftExpress

Since I can first remember searching for basketball agent information, HoopsHype has always been my primary destination. For a long time, the site has held a monopoly in terms of aggregating basketball agent information in a fairly easy to read format. Monopolies are meant to be broken, though. DraftExpress has just released its Agent/Salary Tool […]

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On Average, Baseball Players Are Banking

The Florida Marlins and the New York Yankees won last night. Both teams got a tally in the win column, but the Marlins’ win cost a lot less than the Yankees’ win. In fact, the entire payroll of this year’s Marlins teams comes out to less than what A-Rod will make for playing third base. […]