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New Legal Scholarship On Conflict Of Interest In Sport

It is with great excitement that I announce the publication of a new law journal article that I wrote in conjunction with Collegiate Sports Advisors co-founder, Jason Belzer, that was released late February.  Titled, An Offer They Should Refuse: Why Conflicts of Interest Raised by Dual Representation among Player Agents is a Major Threat to […]

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Canadian Football League Players Association Considering Ban On Dual Representation

On January 19, 2011, I wrote that the NFL should look into the NBA’s conflict of interest regulations, which currently prohibit agents from representing management personnel and players.  This dual representation is currently permitted by the NFLPA as long as there is full disclosure of all entities represented to each client.  As of the publishing of […]

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AFL Agent Ricky Nixon in Hot Water

The AFL’s most powerful agent Ricky Nixon is currently involved in a scandal that could potentially end his career. A couple of months ago, nude photos of high profile St. Kilda players were released on the internet. The photos were proposed to be stolen from one of the player’s computers by a 17 year old […]

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Is This Mr. Jack Warner’s Last Stand?

Recent developments surrounding the tendering process for the FIFA World Cups of 2018 and 2022 have left many wondering whether FIFA is in touch with the sports industry. The tendering process and awarding of the 2018 and 2022 to Russia and Qatar respectively led a former president of Germany’s Federal Court of Justice to resign […]

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Does Scott Boras Ever Feel Conflicted?

I started reading the website HardballTalk a couple of weeks ago, after a partner at the law firm I am working at told me that it is one of his favorite places to go to find baseball information.  Since then, I have been hooked.  I especially enjoy it when Craig Calcaterra, a former lawyer, talks […]

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Is Southern California Going To Receive A 1st Round Knockout?

The last thing that the University of Southern California needs is another controversy involving agents, but that is exactly what the institution has on its hands.  We are not talking about Reggie Bush money here.  In fact, the whole story started with an agent giving a student-athlete (Dillon Baxter) a ride on a golf cart. […]

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Ted Forstmann Of IMG Accused Of Making Wagers On Tennis Matches

Would there be any problem if I placed a bet on the outcome of tonight’s Phillies vs. Giants game?  What if I had placed a bet on one of Clint Robinson’s (a client of mine) games this past regular season?  Is there a difference between the two? Yesterday, I read a report that Ted Forstmann, […]

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If Jamir Miller Was On The Take, Does It Hurt NFLPA CARD’s Image?

Our coverage of Josh Luchs is not quite over yet.  When Luchs started in the business, he learned that a good tactic for gaining a solid stable of clients was to pick a school and become “the agent” at that institution.  Rosenhaus has the University of Miami.  Luchs had UCLA. One of the UCLA Bruins […]

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Advocating Improved Agent Ethical Standards

This past weekend, I secluded myself during the days and got to reading quite a few law review articles that I had put to the side to read for some time now.  One of them was Stacey B. Evans’, Sports agents: ethical representatives or overly aggressive adversaries?, which  was published this year in the Villanova Sports […]

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Rookie Duties: Back on the Horse

Well, some good news came last week – Matt had his final doctor’s appointment and fortunately he was cleared to play. While the Louisiana camp which Matt was originally signed up for started this past Friday and ended just yesterday, the GM still only has one defense-man signed, so he has been fairly flexible with […]