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On To The Next One: Robinson Cano

What happens when you become the hottest player on a team with the highest payroll in baseball?  Perhaps you ask one of your teammates for Scott Boras’ telephone number.  Although, I doubt you really need to ask, as he is basically omnipresent.  Yes, he is in Anaheim and New York City at the same time. […]

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Your MLB Playoffs Preview

The leaves are falling, Halloween is around the corner, and the MLB playoffs are officially upon us. After 162 games, eight teams have separated themselves from the pack and emerged as World Series contenders. Two divisions and both wild cards needed that 162nd game to decide the winner, but our matchups are now set for […]

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A Deep Look Into Baseball’s Salary Arbitration System

Ed Edmonds of Sports Law Blog has an good piece in the Marquette Sports Law Review titled, A most interesting part of baseball’s monetary structure – salary arbitration in its thirty-fifth year.  Since deciding that I wanted to be a sports agent, I have studied baseball’s system of final offer arbitration as much as possible.  […]

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Take The Money And Run Or Walk Hard And Wait?

You are an MLBPA licensed agent. You finally have a guy listed on a 40-man roster. In fact, he has been playing so well lately that his club wants to lock him up in a long-term deal. Do you sign your player to the deal or hold off and hope that your client continues his […]