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A Baseball Agency’s Marketing Openness

Agents feel as though all of their information is proprietary.  They are always fearful that others will use their information against them.  That is one reason why many agencies refuse to put their client information on the websites.  They believe that putting names out there will allow rivals an opportunity to view the list and […]


Giving Props To Paul Cohen For Troy Tulowitzki’s Extension

Troy Tulowitzki reached the Majors before a year after being drafted by the Colorado Rockies.  He was the seventh overall pick of the 2005 MLB First-Year Player Draft.  In 2008, Tulo signed a six-year, $30 million contract with the Rockies.  Tulo’s agent, Paul Cohen, knew that he was employing a safe and secure strategy, but […]

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Take The Money And Run Or Walk Hard And Wait?

You are an MLBPA licensed agent. You finally have a guy listed on a 40-man roster. In fact, he has been playing so well lately that his club wants to lock him up in a long-term deal. Do you sign your player to the deal or hold off and hope that your client continues his […]