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Jimmy Sexton, Fletcher Smith, And Rick Smith Amongst Leaders Looking To Fix Football Agent Issues

There might not be a solution to the problem of sports agents providing money and other benefits to student-athletes, but that does not mean that those with power in the business of sports are going to sit on the sidelines and just allow it to continue.  Instead, a group of influential people from the NFL, […]

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Ask The Expert: Emery B. Sheer, Berenfeld LLP

On August 18, we announced that we will be running a new segment titled, Ask The Expert, in conjunction with AccessAthletes.  The first speaker of the series was Emery B. Sheer of Berenfeld LLP.  Sheer is a CPA who enjoys managing the accounts for many athletes and actors. The questions and answers were superb, and […]

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Drugs and Sport – Why It’s Not Worth It

Whether it is a performance-enhancing drug or recreational drug, doping in sport is frowned upon and dealt with very seriously. One of my former tutors at King’s College, Jonathan Taylor, was one of the lawyers at the tribunal for Martina Hingis’ trial. She had tested positive for cocaine and the subsequent ban that resulted effectively […]

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NFL = No Fun League

In a recent ESPN Article, Troy Polamalu said that the fines the NFL charges its players for big hits are turning football into a pansy game. He also believes that the NFL is doing it more for revenue than for the safety of its players. League Commissioner Roger Goodell called Polamalu’s comments “very disappointing.” This […]