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California Taxes Factored Into Bryce Harper’s Free Agency Decision

Even though Bryce Harper signed the biggest free agent contract in the history of sport last month at 13-years worth $330 million, it was almost the San Francisco Giants he went with, and not the Philadelphia Phillies. The Giants reportedly offered a deal at 12-years and $310 million but were turned down by Harper and […]

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The Rookie Financial Handbook

Last Friday, Marc Isenberg contributed a great piece to Sports Agent Blog concerning his Do It Yourself Rookie Symposium.  Based on the fact that the NFL rookie symposium is cancelled this year, Isenberg has offered to provide a free copy of his Go Pro Like a Pro booklet to any NFL draftee, undrafted free agent, […]

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Certain Overseas Players Need To Report Foreign Bank Account Information

We take taxes seriously here at Sports Agent Blog, and agents across the board should do the same.  A gross majority of professional athletes have not been schooled on foreign and domestic tax laws, and even if they were, they would not have the time to deal with the various matters that confront them with […]

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A Specific IRS Request For “Additional Information”

It sure seems like tax season here at Sports Agent Blog.  Here are tax related posts that have been published in the month of December: Cliff Lee Thinking About Texas Taxes Did Taxes Have A Role In Cliff Lee’s Decision? Agent Fees Often Raise A Red Flag To The IRS After writing the IRS post, […]

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Cliff Lee Thinking About Texas Taxes

It would be silly for Cliff Lee and his team of advisors to not take into consider the tax consequences of signing a long-term contract.  Lee is looking to sign a 7-year contract, which will lock him up in a certain locale, where he will play all of his home games and likely be taxed […]

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Ask The Expert: Emery B. Sheer, Berenfeld LLP

On August 18, we announced that we will be running a new segment titled, Ask The Expert, in conjunction with AccessAthletes.  The first speaker of the series was Emery B. Sheer of Berenfeld LLP.  Sheer is a CPA who enjoys managing the accounts for many athletes and actors. The questions and answers were superb, and […]

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A Taxing Discussion

Admittedly, I am not an expert on tax issues, for that, you may have to visit a site similar to Good Service Tax ( or a law firm that specializes in tax matters. My specialty in high school was math (perfect score on the SAT), but I ended up majoring in Political Science and have […]

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Show me more money!

Mark Riddell and David Spriggs may just be the two most popular athletes amongst their peers at the moment. Due to their persistence, they have set a precedent that will help athletes residing in Australia keep a bit more of their income. [Sports stars have win in High Court against the Australian Tax Office] Riddell, […]