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“This is the Business We Chose”

If you’re not a Godfather fan like myself, you may not have caught the Hyman Roth quote, but these words are easily applicable to the sports industry.  Whether you like it or not – and if you’re an avid reader of this site I’m guessing you like it – the business of sports is almost […]

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Former Athlete Selling Products To Athletes

From 1965-2001, 961 players in total had been selected in the 2nd round of the MLB Amateur Drafts.  Of those 961 players, 876 signed and accepted the signing bonuses proposed by the teams that picked them.  413, or 47.1% of those 876 players eventually played at least one game in the Major Leagues.  Only 266, […]

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MLB P.R. Executive Julio Sarmiento To Speak At University of Florida

Who: MLB P.R. Executive Julio Sarmiento. Mr. Sarmiento is a former Los Angeles Dodgers Public Relations Director and current Gainesville, Florida resident. He served as the head P..R. contact in the nation’s second largest media market, dealing with some of the most high-profile baseball players in the Major Leagues. Prior to his time in L.A., […]

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On Average, Baseball Players Are Banking

The Florida Marlins and the New York Yankees won last night. Both teams got a tally in the win column, but the Marlins’ win cost a lot less than the Yankees’ win. In fact, the entire payroll of this year’s Marlins teams comes out to less than what A-Rod will make for playing third base. […]

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Book Review: Change Up

When it comes down to it, there is no sport that I enjoy or know more about than baseball. A large reason for that is that I grew up with a father who was and continues to be a passionate New York Yankees fan (you have to remember that the Florida Marlins were not around […]