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MMA a Future Olympic Sport?

UFC President Dana White stated this week in Sydney, Australia, site of this weekend’s sold out UFC 110, that the UFC would support a move for mixed martial arts to become an Olympic sport. Though he also stated the the company would not actively lobby for MMA’s inclusion, he gave his blessing should the International […]

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Beijing Affect

One of the many concerns for athletes and others around the world prior to the Olympic Games was the health standards and pollution in China. Athletes expressed their desire to move the games and some even went so far as to not compete in the Olympics because of China’s poor health standards and pollution record.¬† […]

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Iraq’s Back

In one of my earlier posts, Iraq drops soccer team, I described the sad situation involving the dissolution of the Iraqi Soccer team and the Olympic team’s ban by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). ¬†With the Olympics right around the corner, the IOC has decided to reverse its ban on the Iraqi Olympic team (seven […]