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Beijing Affect

One of the many concerns for athletes and others around the world prior to the Olympic Games was the health standards and pollution in China. Athletes expressed their desire to move the games and some even went so far as to not compete in the Olympics because of China’s poor health standards and pollution record.  […]

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Ehadadi Gettin’ Grizzly

Less than two weeks ago I reported about a 7’2 Iranian who had made a big-time impression in Beijing during the Olympics. Hamed Ehadadi led the Olympics in blocks and rebounds per game and proved to scouts that he has the talent to play at a high level. Up until two weeks ago, no Iranians […]

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NBC & Olympics Contest

Did you miss the amazing Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremonies? How about each leg of Michael Phelps’ race to eight gold medals? You no longer need to guilt-trip your girlfriend about forcing you to go out to dinner during one of these monumental events. NBC is offering a DVD of the Olympics Opening Ceremonies and it […]

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Lightning Bolt Strikes 22

Happy 22nd Birthday, Usain “the lighting” Bolt. Today is the young world record holder’s 22nd birthday. The amazing 6’5 Jamaican won both the 200m and the 100m gold medals in Beijing and is easily the fastest human in the world. For the first time since 1979, one man holds the world record in both events. […]

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Iraq’s Back

In one of my earlier posts, Iraq drops soccer team, I described the sad situation involving the dissolution of the Iraqi Soccer team and the Olympic team’s ban by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).  With the Olympics right around the corner, the IOC has decided to reverse its ban on the Iraqi Olympic team (seven […]

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$220,000 For A Gold Medal

According to an official, the government of the Philippines and some private donors are offering any Olympic athlete that wins a Gold medal for the Philippines in the upcoming Olympics $220,000 dollars.  The Philippines is seeking its first Gold Medal in over 80 years and has thus created this incentive for its Olympic athletes.  The […]

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New Olympic Swimwear Breaks Records

Every four years, right before the Olympic games begin, athletic apparel companies like Nike, Reebok, Speedo, Adidas, Puma, and many others all introduce their newest lines of Olympic gear.  Whether it is for fans or athletes, the clothing is promised to be top of the line and always the next generation of sportswear.  Well this […]

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China Needs Clean Air For Olympics

As the Beijing Olympics impend around the corner, the Chinese have frantically been attempting to clean the air quality as well as the rest of the country.  After taking a lot of scrutiny for its civil rights record, health violations, and the cleanliness of the country, China has begun to listen to some of the […]

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Nike and Adidas Proudly Made in China?

Part of Nike’s (majority ambush strategy) and Adidas’s (official partner) sponsorship activation during the Beijing Olympics will be a focus on integrating into Chinese (Eastern) fashion. But what exactly is the Chinese look? And how can global sneaker companies change from traditional West to Contemporary East? In a recent Wall Street Journal article reporter Sky […]

Friday Wrap-Up

Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up

No, I’m not Darren. I’m not even Jewish. But I needed something to post on Friday. Following are some prominent pieces and sports headlines that we neglected to cover during the week. * Rick Karcher’s post, “Ethics and Agent Fees” over at Sports Law Blog (Happy 2000th Anniversary to them, by the way) touches on […]