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2009 NFL Fantasy Player Rankings (RBs)

Are you ready for some fantasy football?  Whether you are an agent, financial planner, or even an NFL player yourself, you are most likely going to be fielding a team this year.  Our resident football analyst, Brandon Thorn, will be churning out posts to help you make your picks leading up to the start of […]

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Clearing Up The San Diego Chargers/Pittsburgh Steelers End Of Game Issues

I just received this release from NFL Spokesman, Brian McCarthy: On the final play of Sunday’s game between the Chargers and Steelers, Pittsburgh safety Troy Polamalu returned a loose ball 12 yards for a defensive touchdown. After an instant replay review and crew conference, the on-field ruling of touchdown was incorrectly reversed to no touchdown […]

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Ever Wonder Who the Greatest Athlete In the World Is?

The question of who is the world’s greatest athlete has always been a debate. With the conclusion of the NBA finals, the European Championships in soccer, the ongoing baseball season, and the upcoming Olympics in Beijing, many athletes have caught our eye; however, the question still seems to be unanswered.  Could it be a soccer […]


Is LT down with Nike or Under Armour?

“In a ‘60 Minutes’ piece, posted on (Todd) Durkin’s site, Durkin is working Tomlinson out in Under Armour.” Wait I thought LT was a Nike athlete? Darren (not Heitner) Rovell of CNBC posted an interesting article on whether consumers are feeling conflicted by the current Nike and Under Armour war. His main case being that […]