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Maverick Carter: From Humble Beginnings To Hollywood Influencer

Maverick Carter is a kid from Akron who “knows what he knows”. Now that may seem like downplaying his success but for Carter, it acts as a reminder to remain humble. In a Wall Street Journal tracking piece by Alex Bhattacharji, we get a glimpse into the day-to-day hustle for one of the sports & […]

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Pitching Investors Is Like Pitching Potential Clients

When a business owner is looking to gain investors to fund a young and promising company, he usually will put together a strong Powerpoint or Word Document and “pitch” potential cash cows.  In many ways, a pitch to a potential investor is much like the pitch an agent gives to a potential client.  As an […]

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PureSport Is Making Waves

When Mark Eshelman, Director of Business Development for PureSport first emailed me about his company, I was wondering what he wanted from a company who did not represent any swimmers.  His company’s product, a protein-focused sports drink had a bunch of swimmers as endorsers, including Michael Phelps.  Mark reached out to me in advance of […]

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Ever Wonder Who the Greatest Athlete In the World Is?

The question of who is the world’s greatest athlete has always been a debate. With the conclusion of the NBA finals, the European Championships in soccer, the ongoing baseball season, and the upcoming Olympics in Beijing, many athletes have caught our eye; however, the question still seems to be unanswered.  Could it be a soccer […]