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Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up (4/8/2011)

Shabbat Shalom all the way from Los Angeles, California, where it is only 9 a.m.  I am about to be moderating a panel at Southwestern Law School titled, “Pre-Professional Athletes in an Amateur World: NCAA Rules, State Laws, Agents and Extra Benefits.”  If you have anything you think I should ask the impressive panel of […]

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Football Agents Fighting It Out In The Wild Wild West?

Immediately following the NFLPA’s decertification as a union for NFL players, turning it into a trade association representing professional football players’ interests, Twitter blew up with football agents Tweeting their concerns that athlete representation is going to turn into the Wild Wild West. Nate Haber of PlayersRep Sports Management tweeted: “With the decertification of the […]

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Athletic Resource Management and ProFiles Sports Plans to Merge Operations

If possible, I always like to break big news on a Monday.  A lot of people are scouring the news at the beginning of the week, and it gives people the entire week to share it with others.  That’s why I feel that the news of the Athletic Resource Management (ARM) and ProFiles Sports, Inc. […]

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Lane Kiffin Revives Our Interference With Contractual Relations Convo

Remember when I took roughly a week of your time going on a rant about interference with contractual relations?  If you need a refresher, see: Sports Agents Interfering With Contractual Relations, Digging Deeper Into The Contractual Interference Claim, and The Interference With Contractual Relations Conversation Continues.  In those posts, I looked into the claim that […]

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Gary Uberstine Has Had A Very Productive Week

On April 15, 2008, I wrote about a merger that had a large impact on the world of coach representation.  Stinson Morrison Hecker, one of the largest U.S. law firms, combined its Coaching division with Premier Sports Management’s Coaching division, to create Premier Stinson Sports.  The first three coach names that I mentioned in the […]

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A Premier Coaching Agency

Working together with another entity has its advantages, but also entails taking a risk based on the eventual possibility of not seeing eye to eye at some point in the future. A law firm and a marketing/PR company that both have represented coaches in the past are putting the potential inadequacies of working with a […]