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Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up (5/27/2010)

Michael Jasper has been receiving a lot of press lately.  My favorite piece was written at – Jasper overcomes enormous odds on journey to NFL.  Also have to love the press about Gabe Carimi, Bear Jew.  If only the players and owners could agree on a new collective bargaining agreement.  I am ecstatic about the […]

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Aaron Goodwin Plans To File Complaint Against Arn Tellem

I am not sure how this originally got past my radar, but over the weekend, I read for the first time that Aaron Goodwin plans to file a formal complaint (if he has not already), with the NBA Players Association, against Arn Tellem.  The complaint will be based on Al Horford’s switch from Goodwin to […]

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Blazers Miles From Resolving Conflict

If the name Darius Miles did not bring fear to the Portland Trailblazers organization when seeing him on the court, it does now.  Miles is causing a BIG stir in the NBA, affecting all NBA teams and getting the NBA Players Association involved. When Darius Miles was under contract with the Trailblazers he suffered what […]