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No Longer A Sports Agent – Now An Athlete Advocate

Yesterday something clicked and made me renounce my title as sports agent.  Since starting in this business, I was never too fond of the phrase.  What exactly is a ‘sports agent’ anyway?  After taking Business Organizations Law as a 2L in law school, I could give you a 5 page definition of ‘agent’.  Instead, I’ll […]

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Advocating Improved Agent Ethical Standards

This past weekend, I secluded myself during the days and got to reading quite a few law review articles that I had put to the side to read for some time now.  One of them was Stacey B. Evans’, Sports agents: ethical representatives or overly aggressive adversaries?, which  was published this year in the Villanova Sports […]

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How To Be A Better Negotiator

My friend Andrew Brandt of the National Football Post (NFP) is teaming up with some staff members at University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business to host a Negotiations Seminar titled, “How to be a Better Negotiator” on April 16.  The event will take place from 12:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. Registration, which costs $395, […]

Friday Wrap-Up

Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up (3/12/2010)

It may officially be Spring Break, but this week has been no break for me.  Between visiting clients at Spring Training facilities and meeting with parents of potential future advisees, along with a bunch of other business related tasks, I sure have been able to keep myself busy during what has been a relaxing week […]

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Looking Back At Arbitration In 2010

February is a dynamic, short month.  Certain areas of the United States experience their coldest temperatures of the year, but find that near the end of the month, it starts getting warmer and more enjoyable.  Baseball is very similar in the month of February.  The beginning of the month is marked by arbitration eligible players […]

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Paying Tribute To Scott Boras As He Pisses Off GMs

Love or hate the guy, how can you not respect Scott Boras for what he has done for his clients and for all other baseball agents’ clientele?  All of us should really be paying for a portion of the numerous dollars spent on Boras Corp’s server system that churns out data comparisons so that Mr. […]

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Rookie Duties: Back on Track

Well after weeks of coming up just short, I was finally able to get Matt officially signed. After two days of practicing with his new team, I got a text from Matt Wednesday afternoon – “what’s your office fax number? they want to sign me later today.” For the previous 48 hours I had been […]

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National Baseball Arbitration Competition

What: 2010 Tulane Law School National Baseball Arbitration Competition When: January 22-24, 2010 Where: Tulane University Law School. Map. The Tulane Law School Sports Law Society has been busy inviting law schools to compete in the 2010 Tulane Law School National Baseball Arbitration Competition. I received an email invite last week, asking if my school […]