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Why Pick A Non-Attorney Agent Over An Attorney-Agent?

Why would a professional athlete ever choose a sports agent who is not an attorney over an attorney-agent who has gone through three years of law school and passed at least one state Bar Exam?  It is because being a successful sports agent in today’s sport landscape requires much more than just a knowledge of […]

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Talking Ethics In Response To SI Article

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being featured on the popular mens site, Guyism, in a response of sorts to the Sports Illustrated article published earlier this week.  The title of the piece is Sports agent talks ethics in response to SI article.  I have also been featured on a few radio shows as of […]

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Q&A With Sports Attorney Jay Reisinger

A couple of weeks ago, everyone was wondering the following: 1) Did Alex Rodriguez really fire Scott Boras as his agent, and 2) Did A-Rod then hire Jay Reisinger to take over as his new agent of record? Papers reported that A-Rod has in fact left Boras, but he has not hired Reisinger to take […]

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Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up (9/10/2010)

Rosh Hashanah ends and Shabbat begins.  College football and NFL football are back.  No doubt, the year has officially begun.  With a full slate of college and professional games on TV this Saturday and Sunday, I doubt many people will be making out of their houses this weekend.  That gives you plenty of an opportunity […]

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Want to be a Sports Agent? Start Early…Real Early

There are many different paths and ways to break into the sports agent field.  Whether you decided to become a sports agent when you were a kid, during college, or even during grad school, you will most likely follow a fairly common plan…attend law school or a graduate business program and then try to work […]

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Winner/Loser Predictions Re: NFL CBA Negotiations

NFL players and owners aren’t exactly seeing eye to eye (more specifically wallet to wallet) when it comes to the league’s new labor agreement that will need to be negotiated before a possible lockout ensues in 2011.  NFL Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith explained that players wish to extend the league’s current collective bargaining […]

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Some Insight On John Wall’s Agent, Dan Fegan

When an athlete picks and agent, what should he look for?  Someone who pays a runner or directly pays the athlete to get his attention, or someone who is extremely driven and knowledgeable about Contract Law and negotiation strategy?  I would pick the latter agent.  Too many players pick the former. Over the weekend, I had a […]

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Digging Deeper Into The Contractual Interference Claim

Yesterday, I discussed a cause of action for a sports agent who loses a client based on another agent’s interference in his contractual relations with a client.  As I assumed, the post has generated quite a bit of conversation on this site and also on social media sites like Twitter.  Jay Reisinger, a partner at […]

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Last Day To Get Drafted Into The MLB In 2010

Today is Day 3 of the MLB Rule 4 Draft.  There are still 20 more rounds to go, and while teams do not take up close to their 1 minute of allotted time per pick, it is a long and exhausting process.  Festivities will kick off at noon for the 2nd day in a row, […]

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Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up (4/16/2010)

The weather has been beautiful this past week.  I have been soaking up the sun and hitting the courts, trying to get my tennis game back to what it once was.  Carl Krauser made it to New Zealand and is ready to put in some great work for the Waikato Pistons.  Many of our Minor […]