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Asking Too Much Of The NFLPA?

At this year’s SEC Media Days, Alabama football head coach, Nick Saban, said that the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) needs to do more to protect student-athletes from unscrupulous agents who do not have the student-athletes’ best interests in mind when offering anything of value to them.  Saban’s statement immediately gave people a place to point […]

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Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up (8/6/2010)

It’s about time we give a big old SHALOM to Amar’e Stoudemire.  The man is enjoying his time in Israel and really embracing the culture, after finding out that his mother is Jewish.  Shabbat at my apartment next time you are down in South Florida.  Check out the video at the end of this post […]

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Rookie Duties – On Location In Moscow, Russia

Sitting here at the dacha (what us Americans would call a summer house) of one of my advisees and close friend, Sem Golikov, it’s amazing looking back on the past seven days. It’s been an exhausting trip so far with flight delays, connection changes, brutal jet lag, major cultural differences (although at least I knew […]

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Athlete Agent Enforcement Thus Far, And Where To Go From Here

Roughly a week before I sat to take the Florida Bar Exam, a flood began.  It started with an NCAA investigation into potential rules violations by players, agents, and even university employees at the University of North Carolina.  It quickly spread to NCAA investigations at the University of South Carolina, University of Florida, University of […]

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Don’t Touch My Recruits…or I’ll Sue

The New York Supreme Court (which for all of our non-law school readers, is actually the lowest court in the New York state court system) recently ruled in one part of Marist University’s lawsuit against Matt Brady, former men’s basketball coach at Marist, and his new employer James Madison University.  Brady left Marist to coach […]

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The UNC Football Scandal

Yesterday’s Joe Schad broke a story that the NCAA is investigating the University of North Carolina football program regarding possible rules violations surrounding gifts/benefits received by players from sports agents. As I discuss in my paper, Duties of Sports Agents to Athletes and Statutory Regulations Thereof, SPARTA (the Sports Agent Responsibility and Trust Act) binds […]

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Interview With The Agent: Odell McCants

After a long hiatus, Interview with the Agent is back.  And boy do we have an interesting subject.  Odell McCants is a new entrant into the sports agent profession, and he plans to make quite a splash with the representation of his first client: Patrick Patterson.  With the NBA Draft only 3 days away, you […]

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NBA Draft Virgins: Odell McCants & Kim Grillier

Now that the deadline has passed for early entries who were testing the waters to either remain in the draft or go back to school, I like to go through the early entry list and look for agent names that surprise me near the top of the list.  I already wrote a post about my […]

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Rookie Duties: So That’s Why I Went to Law School

Every so often the question comes up on asking whether or not getting a law degree is really necessary to be an agent. The technical answer is “no” – no professional leagues require that agents have a law degree. Some leagues, like the NFL, call for prospective contract advisors to meet additional requirements if […]

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Rookie Duties: Friends are Forever

For anybody not familiar with hockey players, I’m telling you that you’ll never find a closer group of guys. Your teammates are your family and the bond you share with them is truly something that people rarely, if ever, find. This week just seemed to be one of those that proved my point to the […]