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Did Santonio Holmes Take Money From An Agent?

In November 2005, Josh Luchs and Steve Feldman, both working on behalf of The Gersh Agency, traveled out to Columbus, Ohio to talk to Ohio State’s Santonio Holmes.  Luchs says that Holmes said the following: “Listen, I want to save you the time. We don’t need to meet. I’ve been taking money from [an agent] […]

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Reach Everybody With One Text

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN. Still don’t have a personal and/or business profile/page on these sites? Time to join and pick up a following real quick before you end up well behind everybody else. As these social networking sites continue to pick up more value with increased offerings and publicity, other companies have been vying for a […]

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Who Wouldn’t Sponsor the MVP?

The answer to that question gets a little bit blurry when you start talking about the newly crowned Superbowl XLIII MVP, Santonio Holmes.  Sports Business Daily reported that Holmes’ history, which is marked by several criminal incidences, may make it difficult for sponsors to get behind the Pittsburgh Steeler WR. Here is a brief re-cap […]