Now that the deadline has passed for early entries who were testing the waters to either remain in the draft or go back to school, I like to go through the early entry list and look for agent names that surprise me near the top of the list.  I already wrote a post about my interest in DeMarcus Cousins’ hiring of John Greig.  Today, I want to highlight two more names that may be new to you, who are representing players who will very likely be picked in the first round of the NBA Draft.

Odell McCants is representing Cousins’ former teammate at Kentucky, Patrick Patterson.  While Odell doesn’t have a huge Twitter presence, at least he is following myself and (the small things that put a smile on my face).  McCants also doesn’t have much of a website.  McCants Sports Management looks like it will be powered by WordPress, but thats all I can gather from the blank page.  Patterson is McCants’ first NBA client – it’s not bad when your first professional client is a projected lottery pick.  McCants has Patterson working out at St. Vincent Sports Performance in Indianapolis.  Hopefully, for McCants’ sake, he keeps Patterson as far away from other hawking agents as possible.  I find it very interesting how Coach Cal’s boys have all gone in different directions with agents, and that none of them signed with Leon Rose (Daniel Orton signed with Raymond Brothers).

Kim Grillier works for a large company in Blue Equity Sports Television.  It’s easy to find yourself hidden when you are working with Dan Fegan, Donald Dell, and Bill Strickland.  That said, Grillier is about to make a name for himself.  Along with serving as the secondary agent for Corey Brewer, Grillier will now be the primary agent for Willie Warren, who is a player that would have been a sure-fire lottery pick had he left Oklahoma last year, after his freshman season.  I still believe that Willie will be a first round pick, but probably not in the lottery selections.  Jonathan Blue (Chairman and Managing Director of Blue Equity) has been quoted in the past saying that Kim Grillier is one of the great young up-and-coming agents.  Prior to joining BEST, Grillier had plenty of experience working for Fred Slaughter Management Group and the former powerhouse named CSMG Sports.  With Henry Thomas (who is now at CAA) at CSMG, Grillier was instrumental in recruiting decent players named Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.  Grillier did not easily part ways with Thomas, however.  In 2008, Grillier  filed a lawsuit against Henry Thomas, claiming that he was never paid commissions for helping Thomas recruit players like Wade and Bosh.  In June 2009, the judge in the case ordered that the case go to arbitration.  That order, which is an interesting read in itself, is embedded below.

Grillier v. CSMG Sports