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The King And His Court

King James is the unquestioned leader of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Off the court, the young and talented LeBron James is also making moves that could bring him even more success. Along with Randy Mims, Maverick Carter (Chief Operating Officer), and Richard Paul (President), James is a founding member of LRMR Innovative Marketing and Branding. The […]

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The FedEx Cup: Where Birdies Become Annuities

You needn’t have a Ph.D. to understand the PGA Tour’s FedEx Cup points system, which was used to formulate the field for this year’s first-ever, year-end “playoffs” to crown the Tour’s inaugural Cup “champion.” But it wouldn’t hurt. And an underpinning of the Tour’s latest marketing endeavor does require at least a rudimentary understanding of […]

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Product diversity rules the minds of PGA Tour player agents

Scott Hamilton of Golfweek noted in a column this spring that “the exposure a professional golfer can provide a company and its products isn’t priceless, but it sometimes seems that way. At the very least, the cost of the marketing Tour players provide is on the rise.” Which makes the recent American Express-Tiger Woods divorce […]

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Gandolfini / Vaccaro: There Is No Retiring From This

Sad that The Sopranos is over? Upset that you will never be able to see Tony Soprano on HBO followed by Johnny Drama and Ari Gold? Turn that frown upside down, because James Gandolfini is coming back to HBO…in the form of a sports agent? Gandolfini will be playing Sonny Vaccaro in ABCD Camp [Gandolfini’s […]

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Michael Vick: Inmate 007

I see that there have been a few requests for the status of Michael Vick and his endorsement situation. Let me get that issue out of the way immediately. His latest shoe, the Nike Vick Zoom V, has been suspended, but at this moment Nike does not want to comment on the future of their […]

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Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up

I missed a lot of news from Sunday-Wednesday (being trapped in a poker room in Biloxi, Mississippi…losing my ass), and it took a while for me to catch up with all of that on top of reading yesterday’s important sports agent news.  Thus, I bring to you a Friday wrap-up, of the biggest sports agent […]

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Scott Boras’ Plan To Take Over The World (Series)

I am definitely not the first person to cover the story on sports agent, Scott Boras, lobbying the MLB to change the World Series format to a best of 9 series with the first 2 games played at a neutral site. I personally have held off on discussing the matter, because while it does include […]

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The Name Game: Audience Participation Required

Do ever get that feeling that an athlete should be promoting a product or service? Either the product’s name reminds you of the athlete or vice-versa? Maybe it’s just me and my sports business mindset. Anyway, I want to hear if anyone else thinks that there are products or services that are just screaming to […]

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Ponting number 1

The recent Sweeney Sports survey has put Australian Cricket Captain Ricky Ponting as the most marketable athlete in Australia. [Ponting most marketable Aussie] The desire for Australia to win back the Ashes was highlighted by five Aussie cricketers in the top 10. This was the first time since 2001 that Ian Thorpe was not on […]

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Fever Pitch

After their poor performance at the ICC World Cup, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has decided to take the harsh line and cut the maximum amount of endorsments an Indian cricket team player can have to three. [Indian bosses crack down on player endorsements] This could come as a shock to […]