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All American Lawsuit

A couple of years ago, it seemed like NFL Europe and Arena Football were going to have some stiff competition on its hands with the introduction of another Football Minor League. The AAFL was getting some good coverage leading up to its inaugural draft. I even shook hands with players like Chris Leak and Peter […]

Friday Wrap-Up

Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up

No, I’m not Darren. I’m not even Jewish. But I needed something to post on Friday. Following are some prominent pieces and sports headlines that we neglected to cover during the week. * Rick Karcher’s post, “Ethics and Agent Fees” over at Sports Law Blog (Happy 2000th Anniversary to them, by the way) touches on […]

All American Football League

All American Failure?

On August 6, 2006, I reported (with excitement) that there was a new football league sprouting up in college towns across the country called the All American Football League (AAFL). At that point in time, people were wondering which new league idea would win out, the AAFL or the UFL, much like the old school […]