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What Are These Waters Being Tested?

With the end of the college basketball season every year comes a rush of student-athletes declaring that they are going to test the waters regarding entering their names in the NBA Draft.  This year is special, as many people believe that it could be the last season before the NBA owners lockout, jeopardizing at least […]

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The Best Recruiter Gets the Least in Return

The success John Calipari has been able to attain in his first year in Lexington is impressive. No one can argue with this. He has been able to exceed expectations where expectations are rarely exceeded, and has stepped up to the pressure of being the most talked about person in the Bluegrass state. The problem […]

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Agents And Coaches: Friends and Foes

The agent-related article of last week that generated a lot of buzz in the sports agent community was a very long piece written by’s Andy Katz.  While I was not able to put aside the time to give it a thorough read until several days after it was written, I am glad that I […]

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Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up (8/7/09)

Back in Sunny South Florida (as if Gainesville did not feel like 120 degrees this past week).  I’ll be down here for a week and change.  I have some business matters to take care of, and the usual standard doctors/dentist visit.  It’s always nice to spend some time with family as well.  The baseball division […]


Dan Wetzel Is Attacking Corruption In College Sports

Dan Wetzel, currently of Yahoo! Sports, is one of my favorite journalists.  In my opinion, some of his best pieces include, By the rules The Wetzel plan Letter of Intent benefits schools, not athletes And his recent provocative pieces… Agents and AAU: Unrequited Love Probe: UConn violated NCAA rules I guarantee that his most recent […]

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The Inaugural Postseason Tournament Finals To Be Televised

If the championship game of the inaugural Postseason Tournament can come close to last Monday night’s Bradley-Oakland quarterfinal match-up, the tournament is here to stay. On Tuesday, March 31 at 8:00 p.m. EST Fox College Sports presents LIVE coverage of the tournament championship game between Bradley University of the Missouri Valley Conference (MVC) and […]

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Education Is Still The Answer

Earlier this week, Andy Katz of ESPN wrote about a subject that I have covered many times on this blog: the proliferation of runners in the college basketball community.  The main subject of the article was Blake Griffin, who every analyst and self-proclaimed analyst has being picked by whatever team ends up with the #1 […]

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Introducing The Inaugural Postseason Tournament

For Immediate Release Introducing The Inaugural Postseason Tournament Jan. 26, 2009 MIAMI, FL-GAME, Inc., the coaching division of Dynasty Athlete Representation, and are pleased to announce the creation of the Postseason Tournament, which will begin inaugural play in March 2009. The tournament will feature 16 teams not participating in the NCAA or […]

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Dynasty’s Jason Belzer Gets His Own Column At

While some might be hating on the fro-hawk, don’t talk smack about Jason Belzer’s faux-hawk (as seen on the header of Jason’s new column).  He sports the hair-do, and he sports it well.  Anyway, his first piece is on University of Memphis assistant basketball coach, Orlando Antigua, and it happens to be a great read.  […]

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11/17/08 News & Notes

News & Notes returns with a brand new contributor reporting.  Jonathan Vollinger, a current intern for Dynasty, will be keeping you up-to-date with how our coaches fare throughout the college basketball season.  For a full listing of Dynasty’s coach clients, go to the Dynasty web site, click on Clients, then Coaches.  Enjoy. Marquette University (1-0) […]