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Reach Everybody With One Text

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN. Still don’t have a personal and/or business profile/page on these sites? Time to join and pick up a following real quick before you end up well behind everybody else. As these social networking sites continue to pick up more value with increased offerings and publicity, other companies have been vying for a […]

Friday Wrap-Up

Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up (9/18/09)

One of the biggest weekends of the year in Gainesville, FL.  While Tennessee looked pretty weak against UCLA, the Gators should never take them for granted.  HHR looks at arguments for both teams.  Happy Rosh Hashanah to all my Jewish people!  Leigh Steinberg will be on the new Jewish Sports Hall of Fame of Northern […]

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Ryan Braun is Flying High

Milwaukee Brewer’s outfielder Ryan Braun recently signed an endorsement deal with AirTran Airways to be become the airline’s Milwaukee area spokesman.  The deal includes Braun appearing in AirTran advertisements and on billboards in the Milwaukee area, as well as making personal appearances for the airline. Braun is quickly becoming a star and a fan favorite […]

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Sports and the Economy

As our country deepens into a recession, we are now seeing how the poor economy is affecting the sports industry, firsthand. The NBA has laid people off, the NFL just laid off 10% of its work force, the NHL is on a hiring freeze, and the Arena Football League suspended its 2009 season. In addition, […]

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Andrew Moss Of Onyx Sports Group Indicted

Onyx Sports Group claims that it is not just a “player factory”.  On its web page, only one golfer is listed under its Golf division.  While Onyx may not be a player factory, its CEO, Andrew Moss, has been indicted for blowing a bunch of smoke at his golf client and a sponsor.  The client, […]

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A Lot More Than Negotiating Contracts

What is a sports agent? Originally he (I say he because it took a while for women to enter the field) was in charge of making sure that his athlete clients did not get screwed when signing deals with professional clubs. An agent’s main task was to read over the contract with a fine comb […]

What Would You Do...?

What would you do…? (#6)

If you are an aspiring sports agent, you constantly hear about how to break into the industry. While getting your foot in the door is the first step, what do you do after you accomplish that? There are plenty of challenges that will arise after you land your first gig and I believe this hypothetical […]