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How The 1st Round Went Down

By Player Selected 1. Miami Dolphins – Jake Long – OT/Michigan (Tom Condon, Ben Dogra/CAA) 2. St. Louis Rams – Chris Long -DE/Virginia (Marvin Demoff/Morris Yorn Barnes Levine) 3. Atlanta Falcons – Matt Ryan -QB/Boston College (Tom Condon, Ben Dogra/CAA) 4. Oakland Raiders – Darren McFadden – RB/Arkansas (Ian Greengross/GAME) 5. Kansas City Chiefs – […]

Interview With The Agent

Interview With The Agent: Leigh Steinberg

This is not your standard Interview With The Agent post. On April 15, 2008, I got an interesting email from a name I had never seen before. It included an offer for a one-on-one interview with Leigh Steinberg…yes, THE LEIGH STEINBERG. Usually, we go out looking for top agents to spend a few minutes answering […]

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The MLB Steroids Situation Doesn’t Seem That Bad Anymore

Brian Urlacher threatening to retire? Chad Johnson refusing to go to voluntary and mandatory Cincinnati Bengals functions? Oh yeah, and that whole Gene Upshaw mess coupled with the impending owners lockout? Am I the only person at least a little worried about the state of the National Football League? These are all unnecessary distractions that […]

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America’s Staple Sport On The Verge Of Crisis?

Maybe not crisis, but the NFL and the NFLPA better get their act together before the major press entities start uncovering more information about what is going on behind the scenes of American football. Let’s start with the internal union issue. Gene Upshaw has always had his critics. Many think that he does not do […]

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Michael Vick: Life After Football

In a report that sounds like the set-up to a Longest Yard joke but is apparently completely serious, Gary Myers of the New York Daily News writes that Michael Vick is playing football in prison. Vick, the Atlanta Falcons quarterback who pleaded guilty to felony charges related to his Bad Newz Kennels dog fighting ring, […]

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Expanding Your Client List

Over on the Forum, there is a fairly recent thread that has been left unanswered thus far. To paraphrase the question, SportsAgentGuy asks how a smaller agency would they go about getting clients considering the heavy obstacles in signing a veteran athlete and little experience. It seems like an easy question, but is almost […]

What Would You Do...?

What would you do…? (#6)

If you are an aspiring sports agent, you constantly hear about how to break into the industry. While getting your foot in the door is the first step, what do you do after you accomplish that? There are plenty of challenges that will arise after you land your first gig and I believe this hypothetical […]

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Dynasty Notes – Part 10

Dynasty Notes will take you through the development of Dynasty Athlete Representation, LLC. If you have not yet read Dynasty Notes – Part 9, go ahead and read it. Enjoy Dynasty Notes – Part 10. When the last Dynasty Notes was published, I was going through a very hectic period, juggling all of the legalities […]

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Dolphins On The Clock

One thing that’s definitely not lacking these days is an availability of mock drafts. Our own Paul Schackman has done a wonderful job on this site breaking things down throughout the weeks, but if that’s not enough for you, a quick search on Google reveals databases of literally hundreds of other drafts. Schackman last had […]

The Wash Up

The Wash Up

Game On! The worldwide presence of the MLB almost came to a grinding halt this week as the Boston Red Sox threatened to boycott their season opener against Oakland in Japan due to a pay dispute. But this wasn’t any old pay dispute. The players weren’t interested in an increase on their $40,000 appearance fee, […]