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Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up (12/28/2012)

I hope everyone had a very Happy Holiday (whichever holiday was celebrated) and wish all a Happy upcoming New Year. This past week on (1) Who Cares About The NHL Lockout?; and (2) Brooklyn Nets Nix Avery Johnson, But Player Contracts May Cause Concern.  New Years Eve will be Sports Agent Blog’s seventh birthday.  Pinching myself […]

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Does Scott Boras Ever Feel Conflicted?

I started reading the website HardballTalk a couple of weeks ago, after a partner at the law firm I am working at told me that it is one of his favorite places to go to find baseball information.  Since then, I have been hooked.  I especially enjoy it when Craig Calcaterra, a former lawyer, talks […]

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Women in the Locker Room

Lately the controversy concerning women in the locker room has resurfaced. This arose after a reporter, Ines Sainz, felt uncomfortable while interviewing Quarterback Mark Sanchez of the Jets in their locker room last week. By law, women are permitted in the locker room. This was decided in 1985 when the NFL mandated equal access. This […]

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Andre Johnson Relying On Uncle For Advice

That same uncle seems to have authority of advisor in Andre Johnson‘s most recent contract negotiations.  The problem is that uncle Johnson is not certified by the NFLPA and thus does not have authority to directly negotiate with any NFL organization.  If the rules are adhered to, that means that Andre Johnson must do all […]

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Don’t Underachieve? You Better Believe

The end of the 2009 NFL season will allow a number of solid football players to hit the open market. Usually, in the last year of players’ contracts, that player will play hard and put forth a great deal of effort in order to receive a substantial contract the following year. This year, however, some […]

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Sanchez: Highest Paid Jet Ever

The New York Jets and rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez (#2 QB to be drafted in ’09) agreed to terms on a 5-year $50.5 million contract. Here are some previous “2nd drafted QBs” dating back to 2005 and their respective contracts: 2008 – Joe Flacco (5-year, $11.9 million) 2007 – Brady Quinn (5-year, $9.25 million) 2006 […]

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2009 NFL Fantasy Player Rankings (QBs)

Are you ready for some fantasy football?  Whether you are an agent, financial planner, or even an NFL player yourself, you are most likely going to be fielding a team this year.  Our resident football analyst, Brandon Thorn, will be churning out posts to help you make your picks leading up to the start of […]

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David Dunn Of Athletes First Speaks To SBR

Yesterday, I reported that Athletes First led the pack of agencies in terms of number of clients drafted this year with a total of 16 players taken in the 2 days of the NFL Draft.  Its President/CEO is David Dunn, who I have discussed on the blog a long time ago and recently had the […]