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Should the NCAA Register Agents?

In a previous article I wrote, I focused on the topic of the NCAA as well as university athletic association Compliance Offices taking on a greater role with regard to athlete-agent regulation. There are laws which attempt to regulate activity, but why not have actual enforcement through a mandatory registration process much like the player […]

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Southern California Gets A Scare When 1st Round Pops Up Again

When I interviewed former NFLPA Certified Contract Advisor Teague Egan (who was still certified at the time of the interview), I asked Egan what his plan was for his company, 1st Round Sports, in the immediate future.  His response was, Now that this all happened, I have to watch myself and stay within the rules […]

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Interview With The Agent: Teague Egan

On November 22, 2010, I wrote about a University of Southern California student named Teague Egan.  Egan, who is licensed by the NFL Players Association, was found to have given Dillon Baxter (a student-athlete at USC), a ride on his golf cart, which prominently displays the logo of his company (as seen at the bottom […]

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Is Southern California Going To Receive A 1st Round Knockout?

The last thing that the University of Southern California needs is another controversy involving agents, but that is exactly what the institution has on its hands.  We are not talking about Reggie Bush money here.  In fact, the whole story started with an agent giving a student-athlete (Dillon Baxter) a ride on a golf cart. […]

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Lane Kiffin Revives Our Interference With Contractual Relations Convo

Remember when I took roughly a week of your time going on a rant about interference with contractual relations?  If you need a refresher, see: Sports Agents Interfering With Contractual Relations, Digging Deeper Into The Contractual Interference Claim, and The Interference With Contractual Relations Conversation Continues.  In those posts, I looked into the claim that […]

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Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up (7/23/2010)

What a week it has been.  With barely any time left before I take the Florida Bar Exam, I have been bogged down covering the pending NCAA investigations at UNC, USC, Alabama, Georgia, and UF.  It is nice to finally see the NCAA looking into a few agent/player benefit accusations.  We all know that it […]

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Discussion: College Athlete Preparing For The Business Of Pro Sports

What: A discussion on college athletes preparing for the business of pro sports When: Monday, May 24, 2010 @ 3:30pm Where: USC Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism (map) Description: Join USC Annenberg “Sports, Business, Media” professor and sports entrepreneur Jeff Fellenzer in an hourlong discussion and open forum with INsight founders Marc Isenberg and Ryan Nece […]

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Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up (3/12/2010)

It may officially be Spring Break, but this week has been no break for me.  Between visiting clients at Spring Training facilities and meeting with parents of potential future advisees, along with a bunch of other business related tasks, I sure have been able to keep myself busy during what has been a relaxing week […]

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USC Imposes Sanctions On Itself. May Have A Claim Against An Agency.

The effects of our actions have far reaching consequences  This is especially clear when looking at the self-imposed sanctions that USC has adopted with the hope that the NCAA will leave the school alone thereafter. In 2008, we found out that USC basketball player, O.J. Mayo, had accepted $300,000 from a runner associated with BDA […]

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USC Would Take The Floyd If It Came With No Mayo

O.J. Mayo has affected a lot of peoples lives.  He has given the town of Memphis hope that one day the Grizzlies will be a contender.  He gave BDA Sports Management a scare when there were allegations of a connection between BDA employee, Calvin Andrews, leading to Calvin’s one-year suspension by the NBPA.  Bill Duffy […]