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The NFL Should Look Into The NBA’s Conflict Of Interest Regulations

Many NFLPA certified Contract Advisors are severely conflicted between representing players and the coaches and/or front office NFL team personnel.  No agency might be more conflicted than the newly formed SportsTrust Advisors, which is the result of a merger of Jimmy Sexton’s Athletic Resource Management (ARM) and Pat Dye, Jr.’s ProFiles Sports, Inc. No issue when they are negotiating […]

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Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up (11/26/2010)

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all.  Anyone go out to the stores real early today?  With so many great deals to be found online, I feel like it is not even necessary to do your body such a disservice by waking up so early after a big day of eating.  I am up in Tallahassee, Florida […]

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Athletic Resource Management and ProFiles Sports Plans to Merge Operations

If possible, I always like to break big news on a Monday.  A lot of people are scouring the news at the beginning of the week, and it gives people the entire week to share it with others.  That’s why I feel that the news of the Athletic Resource Management (ARM) and ProFiles Sports, Inc. […]

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Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up (11/19/2010)

Let’s call it a wrap on the Florida Gators football season.  It’s too bad we can’t call it a wrap on this Cameron Newton mess.  It’s like Brett Favre coverage, but with something that actually matters.  At some point, though, enough is enough.  Today is the deadline for MLB teams to set their 40 Man […]

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Jimmy Sexton, Fletcher Smith, And Rick Smith Amongst Leaders Looking To Fix Football Agent Issues

There might not be a solution to the problem of sports agents providing money and other benefits to student-athletes, but that does not mean that those with power in the business of sports are going to sit on the sidelines and just allow it to continue.  Instead, a group of influential people from the NFL, […]

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The 2010 NFL Draft Pick/Agent Selection Master List

After three days of draft picks, all seven rounds of the 2010 NFL Draft are complete.  Below, you will find the name of each player drafted, the player’s listed position, the team that drafted him, and his current representation.  Players that we don’t have representation information for have a “N/A” designation. ROUND 1 1. Sam […]

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Just The Thought Of Jimmy Sexton With A Soul-Patch

Last week, when rumors were quickly spreading about various coaches who might seek out the vacant Kansas football head-coaching position, some writers started to take critical looks at their hometown coaches.  They were upset just thinking that their head coach might leave town to try to fill the large void left by Mark Mangino.  No […]

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Jimmy Sexton Speaks About Some Of His Clients

I am a sports agent, but I am also a fan of my home teams.  That’s why, to this day, I have a problem with Nick Saban.  He bailed out on my Dolphins after he said there was no way that he was leaving.  I should have known not to trust him, since he did […]

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What Team Will Take A Chance On Jeremy Jarmon?

The first three rounds of the MLB Draft have come and gone and starting at 12 p.m. EST, the draft will pick right back up with Round 4 selections.  But let’s take a break from baseball this morning to discuss a little bit of football.  The 2009 NFL Draft already occurred, and teams are currently […]

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Morgan Keegan Loses An ARM and A Leg

The struggling economy caused a serious financial hit in many sectors. Knowing this, some people still seem to believe that the sports industry is immune to the rigid economy.  Others claim that fans will not attend games or watch sports when athlete salaries remain so high. The average NFL salary rose to around $4 million dollars this […]